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Learn Spanish in Central America Spanish School, We have three Locations in Honduras.

Student satisfaction since 1999.

Welcome to Central America Spanish School where you can Learn Spanish in Honduras through classes and boarding with local families. Transfer credit to U.S. Schools and Universities.

Central American Spanish School (CASS) has been delivering results to its student clients for eleven years. CASS now has a main campus and three satellite campus locations: our main Spanish School in La Ceiba, one Spanish School in Utila and one Spanish School in Roatan on the Bay Islands. CASS always strives to provide its clients with the best intellectual adventures! CASS prides itself on its accreditation also is affiliate at Chamber Tourist of Honduras and worldwide reputation as a leader in Spanish language instructions in Honduras. The latter program being popular with business personal, medical professionals, Missionaries working in Honduras, engineers and research scientists who are seeking accelerated results and/or special vocabulary. Students of all levels are welcome. Central America Spanish School has always provided its student clients with volunteer works oportunities , tours and eco-adventures as a basic service. Because of many requests our Spanish School is offering structured Spanish programs which combine serious and immersion Spanish instruction in concert with Volunteer positions, ecological activities; research, recreation, and Scuba diving.

Central America Spanish School

Spanish Language Methods and Instructor Training.

Spanish School Teachers:

Our Spanish School Staff consists of selected "maestros" (master instructors) who are graduates of Honduran Universities, and many are working on advance degrees. Central American Spanish School (CASS) specializes in private tutoring (one-on-one). And Group classes; CASS has several programs to teach Spanish but also has a proprietary program for training its own teacher (maestros) how to teach Spanish as a second language. You can be assured that your private instructor has been given CASSís exclusive special training in teaching Spanish to foreign students as a second language. Central America Spanish School is extremely proud of its training program for its instructors which has been developed and re-refined over the last seven years.

Spanish School Students:

Free written and oral evaluations are given to each student before he or she begins Spanish classes. These evaluations determine the studentís individualized skill level and specific requirements. The student will be matched with his private master (maestro) instructor, and a lesson plan is engineered to meet the studentís goals. CASSís special instruction techniques give the student/client the maximum learning advantage in the minimum amount of time available to the student. The student will be evaluated at various stages of his or her Spanish program to ensure that his or her maximum potential is achieved. You can rely on our Spanish School staffís personal and conscientious attention to your needs. Learn Spanish in Honduras and then explore Honduras and other Latin American countries with greater independence.

Central America Spanish School

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